September 24, 2014
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I believe in the project of participatory politics. Without collective social power things won’t change. But I also believe in—I’m fanatical, frankly, about what art means for the future. And I see them as oppositional forces. Collective social power needs the language of politics, which means, among other things, that people need to consolidate identities, to provide answers, to create a social cohesion that would give them the power and the responsibility of a bloc of people to move things, destroy things, to make things happen. Whereas my art is nothing if not the dispersion of power. To never consolidate. To always disperse. And so, in a way, the political project and the art project are sometimes in opposition.


Paul Chan

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“ For the simple reason that there is no longer one big society which you can encounter as a group or individual. Due to globalization and technologization, society has become complex and indefinite, and due to the absence of prescriptive Grand Narratives is without direction as well. ”

Beyond Postmodern Narcolepsy - A Metamodernist perspective Popular Music Culture.

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various unposted commissions I’ve done recently

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Was rereading Michael Hawkins’ Frosnall Graaf trilogy the other day, it really started to vibe with me. Loved the transitions from faded black and white art to vibrant, psychedelic colours, as well as the surreal mysticism and fantasy.

Simon Hanselmann also does the intro in A Night Out in Frosnall Graaf, the second in the series. which really nails a creepy, bleak vibe as a group of vikings bury away an unseen horror in Australia.

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I found this under “Recommended for You” on Youtube.

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Katie Skelly

Katie Skelly

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Well, there goes a chunk of my life as well as my identity.